Be an odds maker not an odds taker

Many times when I publish an episode of The Sales Life Podcast, I think of something else I wish I would’ve added to it. Which is why I love doing podcasts because I can add to the thought.

On a previous episode, I talked about the mantra comedian Kevin Hart’s mantra lives by,”Everyone is going to get dealt a bad hand. What do you do then? Most people turn and walk away, but you must keep playing. If you keep playing, you will significantly tip the odds in your favor.” 

It was after publishing that I realized that most people take the odds, but they won’t make the odds. 

Odds are statistical likelihoods of something happening. I remember in high school, a teammate told me that the odds in a skinny offensive lineman getting a college scholarship were slim to none. I defied those odds and got a full ride.

Hear this episode!

Most people take the odds of their current situation and give up.

 Odds say my business will not succeed.

Odds say my podcast won’t be a success.

 Odds say teenage mothers like me won’t finish college.

Odds say most people never leave my neighborhood.

Odds say that this business doesn’t hire people that look like me. 

We become odds takers and not odds makers. We simply take the odds at face value and sit in the stands, becoming bystanders in our own lives.

Today I want you to be an odds maker. Even when the odds look slim go after it anyway. You may look at the odds and see a high rate of failure, but what you don’t realize is that someone is on the other side of those odds.

Other than death, nothing has 100% guaranteed failure. So if it’s not 100%, then damn it you’re still in the game.

Play the odds through-even if there’s a 70 to 80% chance of failing because for every 10 people who tried, 2 made it to the other side. Those are the odds makers. They felt the fear, saw the numbers, heard the chatter, yet they played it anyway.


Even if the floor falls out and it doesn’t turn out as expected, I would rather know that I failed than assume I couldn’t succeed. 

So when you walk into the fires of fear, remind yourself that someone made it to the other side of the odds and if it’s going to be someone, then it might as well be you. 

The sales profession is an odds maker profession. I purposely go to work every day knowing that I’m going to lose more than I win, but that’s the only way that I will succeed. 

Take that sales mindset into your personal life today, knowing that you may lose more than you win, but take the odds on anyway because a loss is only a loss at face value.

In his book Pound the Stone, Joshua Medcalf writes, “How many sides are there to a box? Most people say 6, but actually it’s 12, because each side has a front and back.”

You went in with 6, but you walked out with 12 and because you played it through, the odds actually get better for you, opening you up for more options..and with more options come better odds.

What odds will you make today?

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Remember the greatest sale that you will ever make is to sell you on you because you’re more than enough.

 Never settle. Keep selling your way through life no matter what. Stay in The Sales Life. 

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