5 Ways To Spot When Your Momentum is Slipping

Momentum is sneaky because you never know when it’s going to kick back in nor do you realize that you’ve lost it, until it’s too late.

But you can learn to spot when your momentum is starting to slip.

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Here are 5 ways to spot momentum slips:

Mistakes: These are those boneheaded mistakes when you knew better, but didn’t catch the mistake. Instead of just brushing it off, recognize that it’s a slip in your momentum.

Assume: Instead of verifying your thoughts, you roll with, “I’m pretty sure.“

“Oh well:” This is the now versus maybe later mindset, when you say, “Maybe accounting won’t catch this error and if they do then I’ll act surprised and fix it because I just don’t have time right now,” or, “Maybe the office will let me slide on this one since they love me so much.” When you spot the error, fix it immediately. I stress to my young managers, “How you you do the smalls is how you do the all’s.“ Details can lead to destruction or pay massive dividends.

Wait for the wall vs find your wall. Why wait for the wall to come tumbling down on you before springing into action? Find your walls today. Choose difficult and hard. It’ll keep you challenged & hungry.

Challenge everything: When you are winning, work as if you’re losing. Having a hot hand can make you complacent. When you’re doing well, you tend to rationalize more and challenge less. You either decide for your customers or halfheartedly ask them to buy and if they don’t, you rationalize it away by saying that “they’re not ready or serious.“ The best advice that MLB player Keith Hernandez got was from Pete Rose, “Even if it’s a blowout, never waste an at-bat. Build your bats up that way you’re playing with house money,” but be warned, house money can either be your ally are your enemy. You can either keep adding to it or you can lose your edge and give your advantages away.

When it comes to momentum: it’s easier to keep it going and get it going.

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Remember the greatest sale that you will ever make is to sell you on you because you’re more than enough. Never settle. Keep selling. Stay in The Sales Life.

*The Sales Life with Marsh Buice is not just for those in the sales profession, it’s for those building the life skills of selling. Because we are all selling our way to, through, and from something in life. Every episode teaches the skills from the sales profession and apply them to your personal life so as to never settle again. “What is” is not all there is.

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