Don’t go down with the slick. 3 ways to get off your slick spot.

When you get on a slick spot, you tend to pick up one or more of the 3 P’s:  Personalization, Permanence, or Pervasiveness. The more that you pick up, the worse things get for you. 

When you’re losing, you tend to forget that this isn’t your first slick spot nor your last one.  We’ve all had death spirals, but unfortunately this one’s yours. You’re the captain of this slick. Here’s how to make sure you don’t go down with the slick. (Hear this episode.)

When you’re losing, watch what you say because everything you say will be used for or against you. When you speak negatively, you’re re-enforcing the very thing that you don’t want to have happen. What was once a challenge when you were winning, now is seen as a threat in your losses.

 Psychologist Martin Seligman’s 3 P’s will help you stay out of whoa is me land so that you can deal with the hard moments of losses and begin to win again.

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Personalization:  When you’re losing you tend to personalize everything. You think it’s you and it is… but it’s not. 

You lean toward thinking that you’ve lost your touch; that this business isn’t for you anymore and you start kicking the can down the road. When you are losing, make it personal, don’t take it personal. Make it personal by adjusting your approach and technique while hugging up to your processes. (Winging it is the worst thing you can do right now.) 

Don’t personalize your customers’ rejections nor single out the losses. Like a good golfer, play the round not the hole. Don’t let one moment poo-poo your entire month.  

 Permanence:  If you know you can’t  go through your Sales Life undefeated, then why would you believe that you can stay defeated? It’s impossible unless you make it so.

 All of your customers can’t say NO, but make sure the NO you hear is from them and not assumed by you.

Pervasive:  I put this one last because this is usually the match that burns everything down. When you’re losing in one area,  you begin to expect to lose in every area of your life.

 Not so.

Your rough patch at work has nothing to do with your water leak at home; nor with the baby’s explosive diarrhea, or your blowout from your brand new tire on your way home, yet we tend to lump losses into the totality of life.

 Don’t let your mind go there. I make fun of the suck. I’ll have a zero or a $150 flat from a grinder of a deal and I’ll turn and say, “That’s how you put up gross right there.”

Your mind thinks that it has to be all serious and grim in that instance, but my action counters it. I make the adjustments and always look for next. I don’t give myself time to personalize it;  I know that it won’t last forever; and I’m not going to let it affect the next deal nor the rest of my day either.

This is hard to do and why most people don’t make it in sales because the losses all blur together and they bounce out too soon. Recognizing the 3 P’s will help you develop maturity and resilience- giving you a good stretch, but not a bad break.

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  Which of the 3 P’s are you participating in right now and may not even know it?

 Remember the greatest sale that you will ever make it to sell you on you because you’re more than enough. 

Never settle, keep selling. Stay in The Sales Life.

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