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I’m Marsh Buice and I am the creator of The Sales Life Pod-Vlog. The Sales Life is not just for those in the sales profession, it is for those who are building the life skills of selling. Nearly half of my life has been spent in the sales profession. The skills that I learned by profession literally saved my life. Facing demotion, divorce, bankruptcy, and suicide, I applied the skills that I learned by profession to my personal life to not only survive, but to thrive.

I host 2 different podcasts. The Sales Life for those building the life skills of selling and The Sales Life: Sales Edition for those in the profession looking to plus size their game.

Sales is Life. Life is sales.

You can find over 600 episodes of The Sales Life on your favorite podcast platform as well as on YouTube.

Get your sales bites by connecting with me wherever you hang out on the socials.

What I Do

23 years in sales

Creator of The Sales Life


Current Experiences

Manager Mark Dodge
(1998 – Present) General Sales Manager, Finance Manager, New Car Sales Manager, Used Car Sales Manager

The Sales Life Podcast
(2017- Present) Sales is a profession. Selling is a life skill. For over 600 episodes I blend the skills that l’ve learned by the sales profession & teach others how to apply them to their personal and professional life.

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