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I’ve been very successful thanks to the sales profession,  but I’ve had to use the skill-set of selling to pick myself back up after being knocked down by bankruptcy, divorce, and demotion. That’s why I say selling is not just a profession, it’s a life skill because we’re all selling our way through life.
To sell effectively through life you’ve got to develop the 8C’s: Connection, Communication, Curiosity, Creativity, Consistency, Continuous Learning, Coachability, & flowing with Criticism. 
The Sales Life is a daily podcast & YouTube Channel addressing one or more of the 8C’s to get you up and over whatever you’re facing right now. Each quick episode is designed to get you in and on with your life giving you something that you can immediately begin applying to your Sales Life.
Is isn’t all there is. There’s more. If you have some place higher to be, I’ll help get you there.

Contact information:

Phone: 337-565-0906
Email: thesaleslife1@gmail.com

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  1. I listened to your podcast on Spotify. #180. You probably won’t read this but, thanks. It helped.

    • Thank you for reaching out Ciaran, I am glad that the show helped and will be adding show notes to this site soon. I appreciate your continued support and any suggestions I am all ears.

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