Not even a second

I Iike Daniel Coyle’s book “The Little Book Of Talent: 52 Tips For Improving Skills” bc they’re tidbits of tweaks that you can do now to improve your performance. One of my favorites is Tip #22, what you should do after making mistakes…

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WFIO moments

You may have never heard of Blake Mycoskie, but you’ve probably heard of his company, TOMS shoes. They’re the company  that when you buy a pair of shoes, they’ll give a pair to a child. All told, they’ve provided over 60 million pairs of shoes to those in need. Mycoskie was once asked if his […]

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Tattoo Artist Of Books

I recently made the decision to not read any new books for the rest of the year. Instead, I am hitting the rewind button and re-reading the books I flew through in years’ past. Ashamedly, I did not read my first book cover to cover until I was 25 years old. I limped through high […]

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