“Never let a bat go to waste.” Working your percentages even when it seems of no use.

Eleven-time Golden Glove winner, first baseman Keith Hernandez was taking batting practice early in his career with the legendary Pete Rose looking on. Rose yelled out, “Wow, Keith, you’re 300 hitter!” Rose went on to say, “You know players really make it harder than it is, Keith. Baseball is every day for six months. To […]

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Don’t hit the reset button 🚨

Right now, I’m reading Mark Hunter’s amazing book, A Mind for Sales, & on page 41 he writes, “Don’t hit the reset button.” Hunter puts a big emphasis of not letting Monday be your crutch days. (Hunter) “Most people use Mondays to set up their week…” but really it’s just a procrastination day because here’s how […]

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Stop looking for the hole in one

Statistics reveal the average golfer has a 1 in 12,000 chance of hitting a hole in one; the statistics can’t be much better for a salesperson looking for a lay down. You know the customer who comes in with the Sealy Mattress strapped to their back looking for an anything goes kind of deal. If […]

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