What’s your BECAUSE?

See this post on YouTube! What’s your “because?” “Because” can be the reason why you quit… “”Because” can be the reason you move forward IN SPITE of the adversity you’re facing right now. Cadets who were training to become a Navy SEAL rang the bell BECAUSE they thought the pain would never end…& they regretted […]

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What’s the LEAST I can do

Watch this post on YouTube! When you’re trying to change you tend to look at what’s the MOST you can give instead of the least… Start by giving the least amount of time toward your new change. If it’s most, something unexpected will pop up, you’ll get off-track & quit. For years I wanted to […]

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“Unbelievable” right?

“Unbelievable” right? You see a salesperson who seems to create deals out of thin air… He revives what looks dead & creates magic. …all you can say is “Unbelievable!” & you’re right… 🔥It’ll always be unbelievable until you test the believable for yourself. Boldness is disguised as “crazy…” You say, “There’s no way I could […]

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