Do you have intentions or a plan?

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, but the road to success is paved with a good plan. Many people wrongly confuse intentions with a plan. Both are needed for success, but on different planes. It takes intentions to form the mental attitude, but it takes a plan to bring your intentions to […]

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The Best There Never Was

Recently while I was loading clothes into the washing machine (yes I do laundry), my 7 year old son stood there talking about a little bit of everything. In between saying, “really,” and “ah-ha” he confessed to me, “Dad, I’m gonna to be famous and make my own shoes like Michael Jordan.” This struck a […]

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& Then there were 3…

Why are there 26 selling days in a month? In sales it seems we only need 3; the month’s success always seems to boil down to the final [3] days. Last night, as you locked up the dealership, tie at half-mast, sleeves cuffed, top button undone, you sullenly walk to your car wondering what you […]

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