Skills come before the label

Watch this post on YouTube! Look at anyone’s social media feed and you’ll see their label… NYT Best Selling… Wall Street Journal Best Selling TEDx Speaker Founder Developer Million Dollar Producer …you see those labels & want to aspire to be “the label,” James Altucher made a good point, “Skills come before the label, so […]

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You can’t practice being taller

Check out the all of the episodes of The Sales Life Podcast One of my favorite shows to binge watch on Amazon is the detective series called Bosch. In one episode,  Bosch picks up his daughter from her volleyball game and asks her how it went. Flustered, she got in the car and said that the other […]

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You are the total package

You have everything you need to be an impact player in this world. You are equipped with unique talents to reach your potential. When you discover your talents and refine your skills you become unstoppable. There are no extraordinary people out there, only ordinary people who go to extra lengths to find what they are […]

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